Posted by: ArtisrRJ19 | March 18, 2012

Have We Met Before?

                                   Have We Met Before?

     I happen to believe in reincarnation.  Actually, there are quite a few of us out there.  Do you think this is bizarre, or not?  Now, if you ask me to give you proof that reincarnation really exists, I would be hard pressed to do so.  By definition, empirical knowledge is gained through the senses, and I don’t know of any empirical evidence yet discovered to support the theory that reincarnation actually exists.  Certainly, no one has returned from the hereafter to recite details of lives previously lived.  So, have we lived and met before? 
     But could not the answer lie enveloped by the question?  When we speak of the senses, are we convinced that there are only five of them; i.e., seeing, hearing, smelling, tasting, and touching?  I can’t prove it, but I would stake my life on the belief that I have lived many lives before this one.  I sense it at a deep level every time I walk into a strange place and am absolutely convinced that I have been here before.  Such a feeling of déjà vu  is palpable. Or, I also perceive it when I meet someone for the first time that is so familiar to me that I must have met him or her before.  But in both of these examples, I know that these are new experiences for me, and that I could not have passed this way before.
     There have been times when I just automatically knew how to do something, even though I could not remember being taught to do it.  When and where could I have learned it?  Moreover, I am very familiar with and comfortable in, many circles that were not part of my upbringing.  Indeed, some were so removed from my youthful experiences that I could not have been exposed to them at all, let alone learn them.  So how do I know this?
     Have you ever encountered someone who asked, “Have we met before?  You seem so familiar”?  Did you just chalk that up to a case of mistaken identity?  Or could you have walked this Earth with that soul in a past lifetime? 
     The strongest case supporting my belief in reincarnation is a woman who has been a part of my life in excess of thirty-one years, twenty-four of them continuous to this date.  When I first met her, I felt no particular familiarity with or attraction to her.  She was a friend of a friend…pleasant, pretty, intelligent, witty, and talented.  Before long, I lost contact with her and my friend, and we didn’t see each other again for over seven years. 
     When we reconnected, I saw more of her than my friend, and we grew to become very close friends.  Three years later, we began a romantic relationship that would result in an even closer friendship and a marriage that would last for the next fifteen years.
     No other person, male or female, has had as much of an impact on my life as has this woman.  I have spent more actual years of my life with her than with anyone else.  And the depth of my feelings for her remains the strongest I have ever experienced; that, in spite of the fact that we are now divorced and have been living apart for the past six and a half years.
     Then, as now, everything about her is so familiar and deeply connected to my soul and conscious awareness, that the feeling that we have shared many lifetimes together is palpable and, at times, breathtakingly unsettling.  It is not uncommon for me to be thinking about her, and then to immediately receive a phone call from her.  And, yes, it works in the other direction, as well.  I will call her only to have her tell me that she was “just thinking about you.”     
     Clearly, there is nothing that can break the bond that I share with this woman; a priceless connection that seems to transcend time, space and distance.  And even though we are no longer married, my love for her persists.  It is more of a universal love, a less restrictive love that leaps over all the social conventions and structural convictions of our culture.  It is a love that causes me to believe…nay, to know, that we made our original connection many lifetimes ago, and that we are destined to continue this cycle of renewal over many more.  To me this is as close to proof that reincarnation exists than any “evidence” to the contrary, no matter how bizarre it may seem to anyone else.     


  1. These are GREAT Ronn!

    • Thanks, Kim. Some things just resonate at a soul level. More blog posts are forthcoming.

    • Thanks, everybody. Happy you are reading my blog.

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