Posted by: ArtisrRJ19 | November 13, 2012

4 Ways You May Be Damaging Your Writing

This guest post is by the Author, Micah Abraham

Writing may be a skill you learn at a young age, but in many ways writing is also an art form. Like painting or sculpting, anyone can pretend to be a writer, but very few learn how to develop the talent that will actually get their work noticed. Millions of people may refer to themselves as writers, but only a small percentage actually has the talent to create quality works.

Yet most people can learn to become writers, because writing is about learning to share your creativity and your passion on paper. The problem is not that writing is necessarily difficult. The problem is that too many people are either caught up in how they believe writing is supposed to sound, or they’re not practicing in a way that is beneficial for their success.

Below are five ways that you may be damaging your own writing. By stopping these writing mistakes, you can develop not only higher quality writing, but also a skill that you can utilize in your personal and business life.

Common Writing Mistakes

·         Trying to Sound Smart

Easily the greatest mistake that people make when they try to become a writer is the desire to sound intelligent. Writing does take intelligence, but it also needs to flow naturally. If you try to “sound smart” with your writing, it will instantly become dry, uncreative, and often grammatically incorrect. Read any generic college personal statements and you’ll see the way each of them makes the same mistake – trying to sound like they deserve college, instead of trying to sound like themselves.

·         Facebook Statuses

No, Facebook itself doesn’t kill writing, but the way you write on your Facebook statuses, your text messages, your emails, and your Tweets all affect your ability to write well. If you are constantly writing grammatically incorrect, poorly constructed, poorly capitalized sentences in these media, you’re going to find that your writing outside of these media suffers. Writing requires practice, but poor quality social media writing is anti-practice.

·         Word Counting

Word counting is also a huge mistake that people make with their writing. Far too many people care about how long their content is, instead of whether or not it actually tells the story they need it to tell. Whether you’re writing for a client or you’re writing for yourself, you can’t care about word count, and instead need to care about providing information or a story that other people want to read.

·         Believing People Care

Finally, another common issue that affects many young writers is this egotistical belief that their writing is important; that others care about what they write and value every word. Those that hold this belief write without the requisite humility that allows them to become better writers. You can’t assume the words you write matter to anyone. Instead, you need to make sure they matter to yourself, and then re-read it under the belief that it won’t matter to anyone else.

Creating Quality Writing

In the end, though, it may not matter. While those writing content for others need to avoid these mistakes in order to improve their careers, many people simply write for themselves, and those that do don’t necessarily have to worry about the quality of their content. Nevertheless, those that are planning on crafting content that is going to be read by others need to make sure that they avoid the above common mistakes, otherwise your content will never get off the ground.

About the Author: Micah Abraham is a writer, that owns a content writing company based in Brooklyn called Great Leap Studios. He can be contacted at


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