Posted by: ArtisrRJ19 | December 17, 2012

Five Easy Steps on How to Succeed as a Writer

This guest post is by the author Ian Arnison-Phillips

Have you always dreamed of being a writer? Maybe you’ve always wanted to write a compelling novel or maybe you just enjoy playing with words and becoming an online copywriter may be the choice for you.

If you love writing then you are probably itching to get going, to write and write all day every day. Maybe you’ve decided to work from home, like myself, working for a choice of companies, writing on different subjects and enhancing their business visibility. It’s a rewarding job, but it does require dedication, a lot of hard work and sometimes very long hours.

Be Confident

If you doubt your abilities as a writer in any way, now is the time to stop. If you are a confident writer it will spill over into your writing. You cannot afford to doubt yourself. If you love writing and feel you have something to offer through words, then let the confidence ooze out of you.

Be sure about what you write: know your topic. Knowing your topic is easy, you can write on exciting travel locations that you have never visited or on the most boring of subjects such as flower arranging, but with the right amount of research you will enjoy the confidence to write the piece in both an informative way with an authoritative tone.

Believe in What You Write

I have found it very difficult to write about something I don’t believe in, if you don’t believe in something writing in a positive way is as impossible as trying to make someone believe you on a certain topic when speaking to them face to face.

Choose your assignments carefully, if you have any doubt in your belief, don’t take it on. This is the simplest solution to ensuring your work is always full of interesting information and you can interest the readers, captivating them with your enthusiasm and knowledge.

Always Offer Exceptional Service

My first few jobs were customer service based from working in a sales department of a computer supplies company to managing successful international real estate companies. These I did before I started writing.

From the minute I eventually started my own writing business working from home, I didn’t lose the customer service value that was such a big part of my life up to then. I think exceptional service is essential in any business but when you are writing and starting your business this can go a long way, helping to build great business relationships and ensuring you receive on-going work.

Exceptional service starts by ensuring you meet every deadline, if you can, do what I do and always ensure the work is submitted before the due date. There are of course times I am slightly behind, only my own fault, I cannot blame anyone else for this, but by contacting the client straight away and informing them that you need an extra day, this still ensures you are offering them the service that they would expect.

Don’t Take On Too Much

I believe we are all guilty of this when we are starting out as a new business, you are too scared to turn down any work in the fear that you lose a customer. At the same time taking on too much work will reduce your ability to offer exceptional service and superior writing. You may be tempted to write as quickly as possible, without doing your research or making silly mistakes you wouldn’t normally make in a desperate attempt to meet deadlines.

Proofread, Proofread and Then Proofread Again

The most annoying thing when reading anything online is seeing silly grammatical and spelling errors. Yes I am as guilty as the next writer when I write. That is why I proofread everything three times; the more you proofread the fewer mistakes there will be. Then use the spellchecker and just for good measure, proofread the piece again before submitting it.

You can start your writing career with guest blogging, write on subjects that interest you, subject where you can offer information and value for businesses helping them achieve online success.



  1. Great article, Ian. From time to time it is important to be reminded of the points you made here. Thanks so much.

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